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About Trajan

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan), enriching wellbeing through scientific measurement.

Trajan is a global company founded in July 2011 by husband and wife team, Stephen and Angela Tomisich, to make a positive impact on human wellbeing. With a focus on science that benefits people, we develop leading technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions to the world. Our focus is on delivering products and services that improve scientific measurement quality.

Trajan understands that we live in a world where the opportunity to better understand our personal health and wellbeing is changing. Our biology, the environment in which we exist and the food we consume can all influence our wellbeing. Increasingly, scientific measurement allows us to develop our understanding of these factors and this is how the Trajan products impact the quality of human life.

Trajan have created the MonitorYouTM service in our move towards decentralised, personalised data-based healthcare. We are learning that there really is no such condition as ‘normal’ as determined by population averages but rather it’s become personalized. It’s more important to know what is ‘normal for you’. Behind the scenes there is a subtle change in the development and deployment of science that is making all of this possible. It’s about measurement. Ultimately it is about measuring you.

The combination of Trajan’s microsampling devices to facilitate remote sampling outside of a clinical setting, our high precision consumables and automated solutions allow us to provide a quality service to you. As we introduce new MonitorYou services with our portfolio of products, we hope you will benefit from the convenience, safety and accuracy these provide.