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Pre-diabetes and heart disease: What you need to know
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Three ways to get on top of pre-diabetes and prevent heart damage

Pre-diabetes is a warning. It’s like a big flashing road sign that tells you the next destination is type 2 diabetes unless you take some action now.

But pre-diabetes doesn’t only lead to type 2 diabetes, it’s also a major risk fa...

5 secrets to health and happiness from one of Australia’s leading health, weight-loss and diabetes experts
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A champion in the field of nutrition

Affectionately known as “GI Jennie”, Australian food scientist and researcher Professor Jennie Brand-Miller is the equivalent of a rock star in the world of food and nutrition.

The professor of human nutrition, who has a slew of cook books to her name, is bes...

Workplace wellbeing: How to stay healthy and happy while working from home
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Workplace wellbeing has never been more important. Particularly given – for many of us – our workplace has shifted from the office to home.

Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions and changes to the way we work, many of us have now set up makeshift “offices” in spare bedrooms and in corners of busy, smal...

Interval weight loss for women: 7 steps to weight loss success
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Do you jump on the scales after your morning shower, and think happy hopeful thoughts? Sometimes it’s good news – and we head off to work (or play) with a spring in our step. Other times, our hopes are dashed, and the muffin at morning tea is dismissed. For many of us, it’s a case of carefully wat...

Wellness at work: What you need to know about employee health checks
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How health monitoring can drive business success

It makes sense that a healthy workplace leads to a healthy business.

When employees are healthy, they’re happier and more engaged at work, leading to increased productivity and fewer sick days.

But sometimes deadlines, stress, and financial press...

Fasting diets: What are the options and what works?
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Over the past few years, you’ve no doubt had your social media feed cluttered with fit-fluencers, health seekers, and celebrity nutritionists flaunting the benefits of fasting diets. 

But are they as great as everybody seems to claim, what are the options, and do they work?

While there is a huge...

How to set new healthy habits for the year ahead
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2021 certainly was a year to remember. It was challenging for everyone. And it’s easy to let our healthy routines slip when we’re under stress, managing change, or just needing more comfort and reassurance.

Diet and exercise have taken a backseat for many of us, as we’ve all done our best to get ...

Could you have an invisible illness?
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What is an invisible illness?

When someone tells you they’re not well, it’s not uncommon to look for symptoms, even if it’s subconsciously.

Do they have a cough? Are they sneezing? Are they limping?

However, some health issues aren’t obvious. These are known as invisible illnesses and they can ...