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Corporate Wellness

Become an employer of choice. Prioritise the health and wellbeing of your workforce and retain and attract the best people.

The right corporate wellness program can deliver great benefits to business. Individuals gain insights into their health and you demonstrate how you value your team. At the same time improvements in employee health can increase engagement, promote productivity and increase your attractiveness as an employer. These programs can be difficult to introduce, disruptive to staff and often do not provide lasting benefits.

That’s why we’ve created the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program, a unique service that drives engagement and health ownership to create lasting improvements. We realise that one of the greatest factors that can impact people’s health is their own lifestyle and dietary habits. By monitoring changes to key biomarkers your staff will be informed to understand how different lifestyle choices may reduce risk of developing disease.

Using our fingerpick monitoring service, workplaces can provide a long-term wellness solution. Best of all, it’s simple to deliver to employees who work both in the office and remote workplaces.

How does the program work


Internal Promotional Campaign

A complete promotional package is provided with the program including an online education seminar, animations, videos, posters and an email campaign to raise awareness and encourage participation.


Distribution of sample collection kits

MonitorYou sample collection kits are supplied directly to employees at home


Staff members collect their sample

Staff members collect their sample at a time and place that suits them, full instructions are provided and no special training is required


Post sample to the laboratory

Samples are returned in the reply-paid envelope via Australia Post to the MonitorYou laboratory for analysis


Staff members receive their individual results

Employees receive their individual results via a secure website where they can track improvements to their health


Employer receives a collated de-identified report

Workplaces with more than 50 participating employees will receive a de-identified collated results report* indicating the percentage of employees who have improved their health results

* Must have 50 returned samples to protect employee privacy

Why MonitorYou


Discreet sample collection, employees can take their fingerprick sample where and when it suits them.

Confidential results delivery via our secure website. Individual results will not be shared with the employer.


Simple to administer, no need for staff to take time out of their busy schedules. Samples can be collected at work or at home.

Full internal promotional campaign and education provided to raise awareness and stimulate employee action.


The MonitorYou service has been developed and validated to international standards and is run within a defined quality management system.


Employees receive their results directly, arming them with actionable data and the tools to take control of their health.

Employers receive an informative consolidated data report, giving valuable insight into the health of their workforce.


Our program provides frequent health monitoring to provide tangible evidence of health improvements. A great motivational tool to encourage long-term lifestyle changes.


Receive an account manager to provide one on one support to tailor the program to your organisation’s needs.

Flexible delivery options, distribution to multiple or single sites.

Get in touch

To learn more about the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at

Interested in partnering with us?

Expand your services by becoming a MonitorYou Corporate Wellness partner. The MonitorYou Corporate Wellness program is a great way to grow your network by offering a unique workplace wellness program with actionable results. Our monitoring service complements existing programs by providing frequent, tangible evidence of improvements to the health and wellness of employees and ultimately the effectiveness of your program.

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