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The MonitorYou team collaborate to bring new technologies and services that will help you track your health and wellness. To provide a quality service that meets the needs of our customers, we partner with academic institutions and like-minded industry groups. We believe that by accessing the latest research and technologies; and the skills and services of our partners, together we will achieve our goal of improving human wellbeing.


Pinnacle Health Group

Pinnacle Logo

Pinnacle Health Group is an Australian Corporate Wellness company providing integrated employee wellbeing programs that incorporate physical, mental and social wellbeing. With a purpose and vision closely aligned to that of Trajan’s MonitorYou service, Pinnacle aims to inspire and create healthy changes in every workplace. We have partnered with Pinnacle to add value to our corporate wellness programs in the form of interactive educational seminars and consultations curated and provided by Pinnacle’s medical professionals and wellness experts. See more information on the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program.


Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Logo

The Baker Institute is an independent, Australian-based medical research institute, internationally recognised for ground-breaking discoveries in heart and diabetes research. The institute’s highly skilled team include cardiologists, scientists, epidemiologists, dieticians, biostaticians, computational biologists, nurse educators and remote healthcare workers. Collaboratively, the Trajan MonitorYou team and the Baker Institute are exploring the latest automation and analytical technologies to develop novel monitoring services for assessing cardiovascular risk to aid in prevention.