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Wellness at work: What you need to know about employee health checks

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How health monitoring can drive business success

It makes sense that a healthy workplace leads to a healthy business.

When employees are healthy, they’re happier and more engaged at work, leading to increased productivity and fewer sick days.

But sometimes deadlines, stress, and financial pressures can hold people back from getting the help they need with their health, and preventable issues can be missed.

Investing in wellness at work means empowering your staff to manage and take control of their health, and one of the best ways to do this is through employee health checks.

A healthy workplace is a long-term investment

When your employees are healthy and happy, the benefits are huge — not only for your workforce but also for your business.

An effective workplace wellbeing program is a long-term investment but it can have some immediate impacts including improved concentration and energy levels, improved workplace behaviours, and better team cohesion.

More organisations are embracing health and wellness programs as they recognise the link between caring for their employees and how happy and productive staff are at work. This increases the organisation’s attractiveness as an employer.

Having healthy staff also means fewer workplace accidents, stronger mental health, and less absenteeism or presenteeism – a term used to describe when workers are “on the job” but, because of illness or other medical conditions, are not fully functioning.

Getting a clear picture of the health and wellbeing of your workplace means you can start to implement changes that will benefit your teams as well as the business bottom line.

Why offer employee health checks?

Many businesses and organisations offer workplace wellness programs, with activities ranging from workshops to onsite gyms and fitness programs.

However, until you have a baseline understanding of the key health risks in your workforce, you won’t know what health prevention or other initiatives are needed most.

Many common health conditions can be detected with a simple health check.

Everyone’s busy, and while we all know we need to look after our health, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to have regular health checks or squeeze in a visit to the pathology centre for a blood test.

That’s why many companies now provide regular health checks for employees at work.

Simple screening tests are an easy way for employees to monitor their health and learn about common health risks so that they can take the steps needed to improve their wellbeing.

It also helps you track the well-being of your workforce so you can design health programs and initiatives that help your employees take the steps necessary to improve their health.

How do employee health screenings work?

There are several ways to offer employee health checks, depending on your workplace needs.

Onsite health checks can be provided by a visiting nurse, or staff can participate in an online screening assessment.

Another way to implement health screening is through a simple fingerprick blood collection — like those offered by the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program

The MonitorYouTM Corporate Wellness Program currently offers a fingerprick blood monitoring service to monitor for the risk of heart disease, with additional services for other common health concerns to be added in the near future.

As part of this program, employees collect a sample collection kit from work and then do their fingerprick blood analysis (which involves placing a spot of blood on a special collection card) in their own time, and post it back to the MonitorYou lab for analysis.

Everything is supplied in the sample collection kit, including instructions and a reply-paid envelope.

The MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program makes health screening simple and easy, and your employees will receive their confidential results through our secure website.

Confidentiality is an important aspect of the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program. We send sample collection kits regularly to your staff at home so they can collect and post their sample at a time that suits them. Results are strictly confidential to employees, and individual results are never shared with the employer.

Workplaces with more than 50 participating employees will receive de-identified collated results indicating the percentage of employees with a health risk, so managers have the opportunity to add healthy lifestyle programs to their workplace wellness programs if they wish

MonitorYou also provides a full promotional program to businesses, including educational seminars, posters, animations, videos, and an email campaign, to raise awareness of the program and to increase participation.

The MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program is an easy and efficient way to implement wellness at work and help your employees take control of their health.

If you’re interested in implementing employee health checks in your workplace and would like to know more about the MonitorYou Corporate Wellness Program, please contact

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