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Our Story

MonitorYou® is an Australian service offered by Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan), a company focused on empowering people to actively monitor their health and wellbeing.

Journey to better health

Our MonitorYou® service provides an easy way for you to track the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to help you keep well.

We provide accurate, informative, actionable and frequent health monitoring services, from samples that can be easily collected from the convenience of home. You can rest assured that our analytical service is validated and quality controlled.

“The move to wellness is important. There has been a historical focus on treating illnesses, and now we’re working to shift the focus to wellness by giving people tools to keep themselves healthy.”

– Belinda Whittle, Trajan Analytical Services General Manager

At Trajan, we understand the demand for health monitoring services is increasing across the globe driven by people wanting to maintain and improve their health. That’s why we’ve created MonitorYou®, a unique service that drives engagement and health ownership to create lasting health improvements. We realise that one of the greatest factors that can impact people’s health is their own lifestyle and dietary habits. By monitoring changes to key biomarkers, you will be informed to understand how different lifestyle choices may reduce your risk of developing disease.

The MonitorYou® service is a simple way to start your health journey. Just order online, take a fingerprick sample at your convenience, drop into the post and your results can be viewed and tracked securely online.

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